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亚特兰大 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Ótima compra do Atlanta City Pass, que possibilitou a visita em cinco pontos de interesse a um custo menor, caso fossem comprados ingressos individual...更多内容

  • I bought the city pass & we saved so much by purchasing it. I recommend that you get one....更多内容

  • We went for a family vacation with two young kids ages 7 and 5 for 5 days and we enjoyed the Zoo, Aquarium and Coke museum. Very easy to use and all a...更多内容

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波士顿 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • I bought my Citypass for a trip to Boston. It saved slot of money and time buying individual tickets....更多内容

  • Compré un City Pass de Boston y fué muy fácil de utilizar....更多内容

  • I had no issues with city pass. Made getting in to the amusements easy....更多内容

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芝加哥 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Easy to get; no lines; includes some extra exhibitions at some museums. Enhance your trip by getting one....更多内容

  • Purchased online and have no problem redeeming at any of the attractions...更多内容

  • Compramos o City Pass Chicago durante a noite e na próxima manhã já iniciamos as visitas usando apenas o celular. Muito prático....更多内容

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芝加哥 C3
4.2 / 5
  • City pass 3 was worth the money. Went to the shed aquarium, skydeck and navy pier ferris wheel. Enjoyed all 3 attractions. Would get it again....更多内容

  • City pass is the best way to see Chicago. We selected three activities, made reservations online, and went to activities without any problems. I stron...更多内容

  • I bought the CityPass for 3 attractions since I was only going to be visiting for a couple of days. I saved money on this bundle and got to attend at...更多内容

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达拉斯 CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • This pass is definitely a great option to save money on passes. Strongly recommend. One feedback is that wish they could give atleast a two weeks time...更多内容

  • I saw this and bought this for Dallas. This was my first time using citypass! Everything worked well! Great value! If you want to see the best attrac...更多内容

  • Absolutely Essential if you are visiting the Great city of Dallas! We had no issues submitting it and what a deal! Plus super convenient that you can ...更多内容

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丹佛 CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • The cityPass made very easy trip to see all in Denver...更多内容

  • Visiting Craig hospital with my husband and kids to visit my brother and to bring light to our trip I bought the 3 place city pass. My kids (3) are ol...更多内容

  • Great for the whole family My daughter and I enjoyed all the fun filled activities in the downtown Denver area. The absolute buy...更多内容

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休斯顿 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • I bought City pass for a quick stay in Houston and felt like I saved so much money! Definitely recommend buying if you are looking to fit in a few tou...更多内容

  • It was a good experience, tickets worked as advertised...更多内容

  • I wanted to celebrate my birthday by visiting some of my favorite places while visiting Houston. The natural history museum is a must see. The main at...更多内容

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纽约 CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • We enjoyed our NY CityPASS. We were 3 hours late to the Empire State Building but the CityPASS representative was so helpful and was able to reschedul...更多内容

  • Highly recommended for everyone who visits NY for the first time...更多内容

  • Me and my family attended all attractions included on CityPass without issue and on time...更多内容

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纽约 C3
4.4 / 5
  • Abbiamo acquistato il C3 per accedere a Empire, Top of the Rock e The Edge. Per i primi due è stata praticissima la prenotazione online per lo slot or...更多内容

  • I bought the 3 event pass. It was so easy to book through the link they sent me. The first pass I bought was so difficult to make reservations through...更多内容

  • We chose 3 attractions Liberty/Ellis island ,the edge and the Empire State! So easy we bought online before we travelled! Printed out one set of ticke...更多内容

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奥兰多 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • I used CityPass for the first time while traveling. I was surprised at the ease of use ! Saved on my tickets too....更多内容

  • Bought tickets at CityPass process was seamless got tickets in minutes and it was cheaper to but from city pass. All doing great experience...更多内容

  • I appreciated the fact I didn't have to do both parks in one day it was very convenient with the weather during my trip. I loved the parks themselves ...更多内容

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费城 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • The big bus tour was great ,bus drivers and the tour guide know there stuff, we did the aquarium Harry Potter exhibit, Franklin institute, Philadelphi...更多内容

  • Had lots of fun and loved the flexibility of places to go. It also made our visit more affordable....更多内容

  • The value and options make this a no brainer. We will defiantly purchase City Pass in other cities in the future. We were able to see and do more in...更多内容

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圣地亚哥 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • We bought city pass for our family vacation to SD and it was well worth it! Huge savings over the admissions prices and very easy to reserve the days/...更多内容

  • Bought the Legoland+Seaworld pass, and visited 2 other attractions. The pass is an absolute value for money, and eases up the overall planning a lot....更多内容

  • I bought it, easy to avoid purchase ticket lines, I recommend it!!...更多内容

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旧金山 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Compra rápida, sencilla, buen precio. Cuentan con excelente atención al cliente en caso de requerirse....更多内容

  • Great value! We enjoyed everything! The aquarium by the bay, the blue and gold boat ride! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to do more t...更多内容

  • Really enjoyed the city pass. Great savings and fun places to visit...更多内容

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旧金山 C3
4.4 / 5
  • I felt si happy to buy the SF City Pass. It was usefull and give the chance to save money and planning vacations....更多内容

  • We bought the city pass C3 so my husband could enjoy his first time at SF to the fullest. The attractions were great and the process to use the ticket...更多内容

  • So glad we found Citypass, very easy to use, clear information on how to use on every attraction, very good add on for our SF trip....更多内容

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西雅图 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • CityPass Seattle was a great buy—we saved a great deal on admission prices to the Space Needle, Chihuly Glass Gardens, the 1-hour Argosy Seattle harbo...更多内容

  • My partner and I were trying to find what to do and where to go in Seattle, and citypass made it easy to plan a few days of fun for a really good deal...更多内容

  • CityPASS was very easy to use. I did have it on my phone but I also am old school and I printed out each one with the address so I can find the locati...更多内容

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南加州 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Easy to order and very efficient and I recommend using this service...更多内容

  • Compra rápida, sencilla, buen precio. Cuentan con excelente atención al cliente en caso de requerirse....更多内容

  • Bought the city pass for a recent trip to Southern California and it was super easy to pick what we wanted and be on our way to have fun....更多内容

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坦帕湾 CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • The CityPass that I bought was really great! I was able to see/visit different attractions and I really had fun! I recommend this city pass to anyone ...更多内容

  • I bought CityPASS for my short trip in Tampa and I was able to go to several attractions without any hassle at all. I was able to skip long lines and ...更多内容

  • We got to see several venues over the course of 9 days and had a great time ....更多内容

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多伦多 CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • It was very easy to use, practical, quick and economical. We were 5 people using the city passes and we had no problems. Perfect !...更多内容

  • When I bought the pass I was happy with the choices of venue and thrilled with the savings....更多内容

  • This is a really good value if you're in Toronto for a few days and want to see tall the major sites. There was a glitch buying our tickets on line bu...更多内容

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